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Really Cool!

Wow this is alot of fun to see, I think. it is truly true awesomeness that should not be forgot. this is a great submission. but i guess its who watches it will depend on who is watching it. I still subjest everyone watch it just to see wut u think.

Sonucais responds:

You think? lmao, i think is really funny to watch it! looked thed reviews and all are nine or tens! :)
Dont forget to submit to the X-Mas '06 collection page!


Lilium is one of those submissions that is much different from the rest. In this case being different is a very very good thing. It has amazing graphics and all that but it is much more than that. It has a great begining to the series that is being created of it. It is splendid

What the hell??

This is total crap. First off, u use real pictures, second u used already made animations, third there was absolutly no point to it, and last it looked like there was no effort actully put into it. shame shame shame on you 4 making this.

Adept-Omega responds:

Shame on you for murdering the English language. o_o

Really, though, did you look at the creation date on this? This is ancient. ;)

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i love this game and i love you too!

S-S-X responds:

are you in any way gay?


Not much to say but, it was really fun! its a unique game and it really gives its own style. and its also quite addicting. overall awesome!

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im a pokemon master. loved the song onigonally, and i like it even more now thanks to u ;)

Pritty Sweet

Being a musician myself i know how much effort we put into makeing our stuff. i think urs was very unique and different but in a good way. but there could of been more to it than just the same type of chord the whole time. well keep playin.


Even though im not really into techno music, i still thought that this song was done really really good. Keep up the good work cuz ur music is awsome.

Everlasting-Elements responds:

Thanks man. You should check out the original I did on my old account. It's Chaoz-of-Yakuza! Thanks for the review!

Hello, My names Roy, I enjoy playing around with flash but have never submitted anything because i can't stop getting better hopfully ill make one soon i also make music that u can check out;)

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