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fruity loops + new song

2008-10-18 10:51:09 by RoyousOccasion

well i haven't been on here as often as i usually am and i haven't really been recording any music. but i just got fruity loops studio and i just made a song on it which is now on the audio portal. so with fruity loops studio i intend on making all different kinds of music. im hoping to do an industrial song on it next along with some of my own recordings but we'll see. I also just got a violin but i most likely wont be using it in any songs until i figure out how to properly record a violin. anyways i hope u like the song and what not. enjoy.

New Music

2008-03-25 22:45:26 by RoyousOccasion

Hey everyone. I just came out with a new loop and its on the audio portal. It didn't loop as well as i thought it would on the actual portal though. So you should check it out and i hope you'll like it. I'll come out with more stuff later with more instruments as well. Enjoy!


2007-12-09 16:45:39 by RoyousOccasion

if you have no idea who i am (the large majority of u) then u know that ive made so pretty poor music in the past well now im going to make good music!!! and i hope u guys will like it.... when it comes out... which isn't anytime soon.